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More eBooks are sold now than printed books. With the popularity of eReaders soaring, almost any type of content can now be published and sold as an eBook. You can be your own publisher or use one of the many publishers available online.

Learn how to write and publish an eBook. Step-by-step illustrated instructions are included. Learn how to use the popular free or low cost conversion software now available. Successfully upload and sell your eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble by following the simple guidelines included in this book.

Margo Armstrong has 20 successful books in major bookstores. She reveals all her tips and tricks. Use her inside information to quickly make this happen for you.

  Making the Decision to Write    
  Choosing the Genre    
  What Makes a Good Story    
  Creating Multiple eBooks From One Topic    
  Where to Find Free Writing Software    
  Where to Find Free Writing Tools    
  Learning the Trade    
  Become Your Own Publisher or Learn Where to Find One  
  Planning Your Financial Path    

Tips on Promoting Your Book

  Your Book in Print - Step-by-Step    
  Insight on How the Publishing Industry Works    

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Write Pub Books
Writing & Publishing Books for Fun & Profit: Step-by-Step Guide eBook and Paperback



Writing & Publishing Books for Fun and Profit is not a book I intended to write. It seemed to me that plenty of authors already covered this topic. Yet ... a number of responses from the readers of my other books kept repeating the same mantra ... publish a book on how to write and publish an eBook.

Apparently no already published author had taken the time, or had the patience, to walk beginners through the process.

The process of writing and publishing is not difficult but is comprised of many steps. There is also some sense of timing involved. Since I spent my entire professional career as a writer specializing in converting technical verbiage into everyday language, I understood their complaint.

Hence, Writing & Publishing Books for Fun and Profit was born.


How-to E-Publish from Start to Finish

"In my search for information on how to E-Publish I found this little book on how to do it. The book is very concise and to the point. It covers a lot of information even some you didn't know you needed.

It takes you from writing the book to finally getting it into an Amazon, or Barnes and Noble listing.

I found the descriptions and illustrations were easy to follow and I feel confident I can write and E-publish a book with the help of this little book."


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